Amazing Ways to Fix the Problem of Your Maruti Suzuki Celerio on Your Own

When your car shows the sign of break down, the first thing that comes to your mind is to look for the nearest repair shop. But did you know you can instead try your hands on the fixing if the damage is not significant?

However, what you require is proper tools, instructions, and safety gear to start working on your Maruti Suzuki Celerio. The first rule which you should check before trying to repair a car is that it shouldn’t be in a running condition. Now read on to know the ways you can fix minor difficulties of your car.

Replacing the PCV valve

The positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV) directs the stream of combustible crankcase vapours into the motor so they can be burned securely. The lid is intended to shut in case of a motor reverse discharge to counteract the cataclysmic motor damage.

Gradually, with time, the PCV valve collects carbon discharge,and the spring loses strain, putting your car’s engine in danger. In these cases, you have to contact your car maintenance guide so that they can suggest the possible replacement intervals.

If you want to replace the PCV valves you have to wiggle it out of the rubber grommet and discharging from the vacuum hose. Now, it’s time to install a new valve and reinstall.

Replacing the Engine Air Filter

Sometimes your air filter might need replacement. Inspecting and changing it might solve your problem. To do this, unscrew or unclip the air filter box retainers and remove the old filter. Now, hold a light just behind the screen to check how much light passes through it. If the filter blocks half or more of the light, you have to understand that the filter needs replacement. Otherwise, put it back in, fix the air filter box cover and keep on driving.

Replacing gas cylinders

Often, the car just needs gas cylinders replacements which you can do all by yourself without visiting a repair shop. To mend this, you just have to buy new lifts from an automobile parts store. Now while replacing the worn lifts, take a helper who can hold the hood or lift gate. Disengage the spring clip by shoving a small flat blade screwdriver between the cylinder and the clip. Finally, pull it off the ball stud.

Replacing non-headlight bulbs

Removing the retaining screws and prying off the lens can help you to access burned out the license plate, fog light bulbs and side markers. Now, pull the bulb straight out of the socket. However, use a glove or hold a paper towel while handling the new bulb to prevent skin oil deposited on the thin glass.

Apart from Celerio, you can also repair other cars such as Alto 800 price of which is below 5 lakhs. Therefore, whenever you face any issues relating to car, try to solve it on your own if you have an interest in the mechanical aspects. It will also help you understand the different parts of your car appropriately. However, in the other cases, you can consult a mechanic who can guide fix your Maruti Suzuki Celerio adeptly.

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