Mark Roemer Oakland Considers How to Pick the Best Car Removal Company


If you have made up your mind to scrap your old car, we suggest that you choose the best local car removal company. Make sure that your decision is not based on the price of the service alone. In this article, Mark Roemer Oakland shares a few tips to help you choose the best company to cover your needs. Read on to find out more.

Consider the reputation

Considering the reputation of the company is critical. You can start by reading reviews on the internet. On reputable review websites, you can find genuine reviews on your desired service providers. If a car removal company has a lot of positive reviews from its customers, you can do your homework to find out more about the service provider.

An easy way of checking the reputation of the company is to check out online reviews. Apart from this, you can also get recommendations from your local mechanic. After all, word of mouth is still the best way to buy something or hire a service provider.

Find out if there are any hidden costs

Secondly, make sure that the company you are going to choose won’t charge you for any hidden costs. Most of the reputable junk removal companies will tow away your old car for free of charge. Before signing an agreement, make sure you negotiate the service charges and get everything in writing.

Verbal agreements can get you in trouble if something goes wrong once the company has been gone with your car. On the other hand, a written agreement can help you file a case and hold the junk removal company accountable in a court of law.

Ask for payment in cash 

Make sure that the car junk removal company will pay you in cash on the spot before taking away your junk car. Although you can agree on check payment, it involves an element of risk. Therefore, we suggest that you ask for cash payment to be on the safe side.

Ask about the paperwork  

Since the transfer of liabilities is a complicated legal process, choose a company that has prepared all the paperwork to transfer the ownership and liabilities. After all, you may not have enough time to go through all of the paperwork and get everything ready to sign the deal.

Ask about the company’s disposal methods 

The decision of scrapping your old car is good for the environment. However, your responsibility does not come to an end once you have handed your junk car over to the junk car removal service.

Before choosing a junk car removal company, don’t forget to find out if the service provider gets rid of or dismantles your old car in an eco-friendly manner. After all, taking care of our environment is the responsibility of all of us. Our future generations depend on us.


So, if you follow these 5 tips from Mark Roemer Oakland, you will be able to choose the best car removal company in your area. Hopefully, this article will make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

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