Palmer Administration Services of Ocean NJ Makes Auto Protection Plan Payment Easy

Palmer Administration Services is one of the leading warranty companies in the country that offers an affordable and superior auto protection plan.

The BBB-accredited company aims to make the payment process for all claims by its customers simple enough. That’s because the company finances all the claims, which means it doesn’t have to wait for the third-party financing service to process the documents.

Palmer just cut off all the fat in the whole transaction, thus making it easy and convenient for its many customers. Just one example, some companies will have accredited repair shops where customers are required to transact.

The problem is that the location of these repair shops may be quite a distance away from the house of the policyholder. It would be quite inconvenient to make the long drive, and that’s assuming that the car will run in the first place.

The auto protection plan of Palmer, however, doesn’t require policyholders to go to any repair shop. They can to the mechanic of their choice. The mechanic will then call the hotline where he will be transferred to the claims department. The mechanic will then inform the customer representative of the necessary repairs.

The claim will be validated by their team and an authorization to proceed will be issued in no time at all to the mechanic who will fix the issue. After that, the company will pay the cost of the repair through a check or a credit card. You are not going to be passed to one company to the next because everything is in-house.

The products in the auto protection plan are also very affordable and offer great flexibility so customers can find the ideal policy for their unique needs. There are six principal products to choose from, ranging from a full coverage to the most basic, which is the engine only.

The company has an auto protection plan for new vehicles or pre-owned and even leased cars. Each policy has an easy payment option, again, in line with the company’s mission to make it simple for all its customers.

The technical support hotline is also open anytime so customers may call 24/7 for any questions regarding their policy. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Palmer has built a name for being a reputable auto protection plan provider in the country. In recent years, the insurance coverage is expanded beyond America’s borders and into Canada.

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