Save Time and Money with Used Cars

While there are certainly many benefits associated with purchasing a new car, such as the many innovations in technology that may only be available in 2017 vehicles, a used vehicle will quickly help you save time and money. There are certainly many benefits to choosing used over new, especially if you want to enjoy years of reliable travel without the heavy price tag attached to the process. From start to finish, the choice of leaving a new option behind will quickly prove the best one for your situation if you take the time to look at the many differences between the two.


The moment that a car is driven off the lot, its value will drop by 20% because it can no longer be sold as “new” and must forever be considered a new car. This means that you could purchase a vehicle that is only one year old and receive that much or more off the price simply because it is no longer considered a new option. After just three years, up to 54% of a car’s value is lost, with some variation in the make and model of the car, meaning that you could drop the price of purchasing another vehicle significantly by simply choosing one that is one or two years old.

You should also pay less taxes on a used car, lower insurance premiums, and more simply because it costs less to purchase the car and, thus, vendors have less to lose whenever they provide a loan. By the time you purchase an old BMW for sale, for example, you will have saved thousands of pounds without losing any quality from the vehicle in the process. If you want to receive a car that is very nearly new while dropping the price, you can simply look for options built one or two years ago and driven by just one owner.


Modern vehicles simply live longer than older options, meaning that a vehicle that is manufactured in 2015 is likely to still be in working condition in 2025. This means you could purchase a car that is several years old and expect to have it long after you pay off the loan for it, making the choice of a used car even more cost-effective than you might think in the beginning. In the year 2020, it is slated that cars that are 12 years old and still in operation will rise by 15%, a number that would have been unheard of just a few years ago.


Purchasing a used vehicle that is only one or two years old will ensure that you get to enjoy many of the same technological features found in brand-new cars such as rear-view cameras, side airbags, and much more. Not only will you receive much more from your vehicle for the price but you will feel more secure and safe when you are on the road because you will now be able to enjoy the same safety features that new models have installed as part of the car.

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